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Love at first sight!

Good evening, and greetings from Ghana. I am so happy to be reporting from Ghana, and so glad to finally meet some of the beautiful girls that we have been helping. Being here has only made the need to help stronger. I had such a wonderful experience meeting Mary Owusu, Ruth Opoku, and Grace Achiaa yesterday. I also met another beautiful young lady whom I will write about another day. It is incredible that we can connect even though we can’t communicate verbally very well, and the love that I have for these girls was instantaneous. Their children are also very beautiful, and are in a way, the greatest gift God has given them. We were able to deliver some hygiene kits, do video interviews, and just talk with them about their goals and dreams, and about their basic needs. I can’t wait to return tomorrow to speak with them again. I also got to snuggle some babies, which of course I loved! Thanks to our local coordinator Richard as well! We couldn’t do this without him. We are still trying to meet their basic food needs, which is the most important thing at the moment, so please share this and get the word out so that we can get the money we need for food. There will also be a 5k fundraiser at the beginning of August, so keep your ears and eyes open for more details. The more people that register, the more successful we will be. I will try to post pictures again tomorrow, but here are some for you tonight too. 🙂

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