I Need A New Home!

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There are 2 girls in the Darko, Kumasi area that are having housing difficulty. We have been sponsoring Akosua and Josephine in our program for the past 9 months. They are currently in cosmetology school. The place they have been living in is a house that is under construction and the builders have requested they move out by Sept.19, 2020. Because of their schooling they need to stay close to this location. We are having a fundraiser to rent a bush house for them. It costs approximately $500.00 to rent one of these houses for 3 years. To get an idea of the type of housing they would be living in take a look at the picture below . Can you see the white door and the open door? These are 2 separate units. They won’t have electricity or running water but the village has a central water pump. The second unit doesn’t even have a window.

Venmo donations: Tender Hopes Crisis Center Randy-Allan-1. We also receive donations through Paypal, Facebook, Instagram and our website tenderhopes.org.

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